6 Catchy Email Subject Line Tricks

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Who can resist opening an inbox item when there’s a secret inside? Not me. I’m a sucker for self-improvement ideas, and so are your subscribers. Everyone wants to be smarter, better, larger, smaller, harder, prettier and richer than a Kardasian.

Subject lines can be your click-bait if you compose them correctly. Here are six eye-catching and amazing subject line tricks that will induce more subscribers to open your emails:

1. “Discover the Secret of” — Everyone wants to know a secret. A variation of this type of headline: “Lose 20 Pounds in Two Weeks Using This Wacky Trick”
2. “Who Else Wants a ___”? — Asking a question often works very well.
3. “How to ___” — “How to” is irresistible because most people want solutions to their problems.
4. “[Do Something] Like ___” — Few people see what they do as 100% good enough, and would like to imitate the lifestyles of smarter, richer and more famous people.
5. “Flatten Your Big Butt in 30 Days Or Your Money Back” — Excuse me, are you calling my butt “big”? I’d click that. Outrageous headlines always induce chuckles and clicks. The money back guarantee doesn’t hurt either.
6. “Make Her Scream Your Name Tonight (And Not Because You Forgot To Take Out the Garbage)” — Sex sells, but be careful of morphing into a pornographer.

Another word or two about tip number 4: Exploit the power of celebrity namedropping and enjoy your day in court. Sarcasm aside, the easy clicks ain’t worth it so don’t do it. You probably always know about many people who had their sorry asses dragged into court over celebrity testimonials. You had best leave Oprah, the Kardasians and Dr. Oz out of it.

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