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Below are excerpts of articles posted under my name at Examiner.com. I write content for the technology niche including SEO, online marketing, advertising and general interest.

“Most parts of Long Island that are close to New York City are stuffed with charmless strip malls, chain restaurants and traffic-jammed local roads. Hit the highway and travel to Long Island’s far, far east, and you’ll encounter a landscape of winding country roads, farm stands and an expanse of wineries that remind visitors of California’s Napa Valley.”


Long Island, New York used to be famous for its duck farms. Since the end of WWII, Long Island duck farming has gone the way of the Long Island potato, as high land values encouraged farmers to sell their acreage to real estate developers. Little else remains of the Long Island duck industry besides the Minor League baseball team, The Long Island Ducks, and a roadside oddity called The Big Duck…”


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