Argan Oil Restores Damaged Skin

Reduce Visible Signs Of Aging

Household budgets all over the country have been knackered by the recession, leaving consumers with hardly a penny to spare for luxuries such as beauty treatments. Like many women, Vanessa Wilkes of Staffordshire avoided looking at herself the mirror because she no longer cared for her appearance. Her sagging skin and deepening wrinkles depressed her — but this working mum of three had little time or money to pamper herself.

Crow’s feet came first, and then dark circles. Finally, she noticed that gravity was pulling her chin line downward. Vanessa cried when the caught a reflection of herself looking like an old woman. “I needed an economical way to deal with my sagging skin around my jaw, crow’s feet and the awful neck wattle. As I entered my 40s, Father Time became very unkind to me. It was obvious that my skin needed a treatment that was stronger than the over the counter moisturizers I used,” Vanessa said.

Like for everyone else, the Internet is Vanessa's go-to place for all things skin and beauty. She searched for info on skin care, hoping for a cheap fix for her face.

Online search results brought up thousands of results for wrinkle repair products. But I wondered, “how good are they?” Results ranged from the promising to obvious quackery. With so many unrealistic claims being tossed around, and the high expense involved in aging skin restoration, I decided to report on the two most promising skin care formulas that I learned about online: Essence of Argan and LifeCell from South Beach Skincare.

Vanessa found the two formulations used together were incredibly effective at turning the clock back on her skin’s appearance.