Get Massive Traffic At the Lowest Price With ClickCertain Real-Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding (RTB) describes auctions that sell banner space and impressions to sites around the world. There are lots of players in the RTB marketplace selling banner inventory for every type of site imaginable – from mommy blogs to mega-media sites like The New York Times. The largest of the Demand Side Platforms (DSP) is MediaMath, selling approximately 100 billion impressions daily.

The MediaMath operation is geared towards the biggest players in the RTB space. The company requires $250,000 down and a minimum $25,000 a month budget with a one-year commitment to work with them. If $25K per month is within your budget, lucky you. MediaMath sells inventory at a very low markup, making it the cheapest place to buy banner inventory at the moment. MM also has greater reach and the best selection of inventory for their customers.

The lower volume Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) like SiteScout and Lean Market sell about 10 billion impressions daily. They have far lower barriers to entry, making them far more appealing to small and midsize marketers. But they have a higher markup and far less inventory than MediaMath, making smaller DSPs second rate players in the RTB space.

ClickCertain Shakes Up The RTB Marketplace

ClickCertain brings the highest level traffic, inventory, and optimization to 22 million smaller publishers by creating a new layer above the current Real Time Bidding marketplace.

ClickCertain Helps You Target Your Ads

The best part about ClickCertain is not just the cheaper traffic that's normally available to the biggest players. ClickCertain's 3 Digital Accelerators is a technology concept that enables its users to utilize freely available third party visitor data to test their ads. You'll be able to determine whether your impressions are being shown to the right people for your products based on their demographics. This type of data compiling does NOT violate your visitors' privacy or your site's terms of service; it's nameless information that's freely available on the Internet.

This is a step further than site and geo-targeting, because it helps you compile a more complete audience profile. You'll be able to market to only those who want to see your ads. You will be able to advertising to those who are more interested in buying your products.

The Real Time Bidding World Forever Changed

Once ClickCertain goes live, it will no longer take a quarter of a million dollar commitment to get into high-end RBT. ClickCertain brings high quality, inexpensive traffic and sophisticated visitor profiles to small businesses and independent marketers – in spite of low advertising budgets. Once it leaves beta, ClickCertain's cutting edge technology will be available to businesses in the US and around the world to enhance their campaign building.