Discover The Secrets To Winning Cash, Trips & Gift Cards

* How To Win More In Less Time Doing Less Work

* Using Your Talents to Win Skill Contests

* Setting Up Email Filters So You Don't Miss Wins

* Social, Blog, Mobile, Mail-in & Finding Local Giveaways

* What's Luck Got To Do With It? How The Unlucky Can Win

* New Edition For US And Canadian Sweepers & UK Compers


Entering sweepstakes and contests is one of the biggest pastimes on the Internet. Millions of people just like you are winning thousands of sweepstakes prizes every day. And they pay nothing to enter or receive their prizes.

Win More, Work Less

Profit From Sweepstakes helps you set up & get started, and there's tips on winning more in less time & less work. Written for beginner, intermediate and pro sweepers.

Got Talent? Win Prize!

Entering creative contests is one of the best ways to win. Learn how cooks, poets, artists, writers and badass singing cowboys can win prizes using their skills.


I tell my tips and strategies in a fun and lighthearted way in Profit From Sweepstakes. But don't be fooled by the casual tone. I like to win, and so do you. My agenda is beating the competition and nailing the prizes.

Wa$ted Lotto Money

Lottery tickets can get you into a Lotto trouble. Lotteries are like a casino because the house always wins. When you lose, they win. It's time to break the Lotto habit.

Win Free Instead

For the price of a few Lottery tickets, you can get trade secrets and win fantastic prizes FREE. The odds of winning cash is about the same as the Lottery or better.

Successful people are those who take action. Thousands of prizes are out there, ready for you to win. If you're serious about winning, get started now. What are you waiting for?


Winner or Whiner? It's Up To You!

Spending just 30 minutes a day is all it takes to become a consistent prize winner. I know, because it happened to me.

I won over $12,000 in cash, seven flyaway trips and thousands of dollars' in gift cards and other merchandise.

Every day, people who enter sweepstakes win gift cards loaded with cash, cars, free trips to sunny places and even free houses! Profit From Sweepstakes shows how you can win, too.

But winning won't happen until you start.

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